OSCE Resolution: Recognizing Russian Actions as Genocide Against Ukraine

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has adopted a resolution recognizing Russia’s actions as genocide against the Ukrainian people and emphasizing the need for the decolonization of Russia.

As stated by Ukrainian MP Pavlo Frolov: “On the opening day of the summer session in Bucharest, the OSCE PA adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s ten-year armed aggression against Ukraine, recognizing the actions of Russia’s military-political leadership and its armed forces during the full-scale invasion as genocide against the Ukrainian people.” Frolov also emphasized that the resolution identifies the decolonization of Russia as “a necessary prerequisite for establishing lasting peace.”

Key points of the resolution:

  • Call on all 53 OSCE participating States to contribute efforts to de-occupy Crimea and all Ukrainian territories through support for the Peace Formula and the Crimean Platform.
  • Call on OSCE states to establish a Special Tribunal to hold Russia accountable for crimes committed during its aggressive war against Ukraine, and to conduct international and national investigations into mass atrocities, killings, torture, and rape by the Russian army.
  • Emphasize the urgent need to activate mechanisms for using frozen Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine, inviting OSCE countries to join the Agreement on the International Register of Losses caused to Ukraine by Russian aggression.
  • Recognize the 2024 presidential elections in Russia as manipulated and undermining the legitimacy of the entire electoral system of Russia.
  • Support the creation of an International Coalition for the return of Ukrainian children and ensure the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians.
  • Call for a ban on the import of Russian liquefied natural gas into the European Union, as well as re-export and transit through EU ports.

Of course, most of the requirements seem very difficult to implement, especially in the current situation. However, this resolution is extremely important for determining the real image of the Russian regime. In addition, this resolution prepares the ground for further legal proceedings against the aggressor country.

It will also create additional obstacles to the activities of various Russian organizations in Europe, which, despite their official purpose, are mostly hidden centers of intelligence or influence.

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