OSINT analysts debunk another Russian fake

So-called pro-Russian sources tried to spread a fake story on Twitter that Russian aviation, namely Mi-8 helicopters, were allegedly already striking at Ukrainian troops near Chasov Yar, west of Bakhmut, which the Ukrainian military has been defending since 1 August 2022

Twitter account, nicknamed Donbass Devushka, published a post

OSINT analysts at GeoConfirmed immediately had many questions about this report. It was only sometime later that a report was presented that completely debunked the notion that these were Russian helicopters, as well as their area of operation.

The experts instantly presented the real-time and places of action. As it turned out, these were Ukrainian attack helicopters working on Russian positions in the southwest of Bakhmut.

Approximate coordinates are also provided :48.574176, 37.779473

A ground view of the Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters

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