The organizer of pro-Russian protests in Köln will be put on trial for propaganda

Elena Kolbaniskova, who is an organizer and one of the key leaders of the pro-Russian protests in Germany and known for her collaboration with local right-wing extremist politicians, has received a summons to court. About this, she said in a “Telegram”, the hearing is scheduled for March 29th.

Kolbaniskova also presents herself as a victim. In a Telegram posting, she claims that her “efforts for peace and truth” are being criminalized. Kolbasnikova also organized a demonstration “Against War and Arms Deliveries to Ukraine” in September 2022 in Cologne’s city center. 

The Köln prosecutor’s office has confirmed that with her pro-Russian statements about the events in Ukraine. Kolbasnikova “connived to commit crimes against public safety during peaceful gatherings.” According to the International Criminal Code, waging an aggressive war is a crime. Anyone who expresses approval of it risks up to three years in prison 

Elena Kolbasnikova organized the large pro-Russian motorcade in Köln. She and former “ProNRW” politician Markus Kurt Beisicht also spoke at the motorcade on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender on May 8, 2022. More than 1,000 participants in cars adorned with Russian and Soviet flags gathered at a lake for a drive to a Soviet memorial in Köln. The Russian television reported on an alleged “mass protest”.

The video shows that she said at the time: “Russia is not an aggressor. Russia is currently helping to end the war in Ukraine.” With this statement, she approved a crime at a rally in a way that could disturb public peace.

Elena Kolbasnikova wearing a t-shirt with the inscription CCCP. The abbreviation stands for the former Soviet Union. (Source: IMAGO)
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