Putin designates a new military commander in war against Ukraine

Bitter defeats on the front lines in Ukraine made Russian dictator look for the responsible in the failed war operations. According to a report by the Russian journal RIA-Novosti, General Sergey Surovikin was named commander of the Russian Federation forces in Ukraine on October 8.

The source did not provide justification for the choice, although it is likely that the new appointment is connected to the shortcomings of the Russian army in Ukraine.

Surovikin assumed command of the southern division of Russian forces in Ukraine towards the end of June 2022. In Luhansk Oblast’s Zolote and Hirske, it launched an assault.
Surovikin led the Russian force in Syria before being sent to Ukraine, and Putin subsequently named him the leader of the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2017.

The Eastern Military District of Russia’s commander of the troops was also replaced. Lieutenant General Rustam Muradov was assigned to this position, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the Russian Federation database.

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