Putin will be directly impacted by the Crimean bridge attack – UK intelligence

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin would directly be impacted by the attack on the Crimean bridge, according to British intelligence. This analysis was posted on Twitter by the UK Ministry of Defense.

The Crimean bridge, which connects the occupied peninsula with Russia’s Krasnodar area, was destroyed by an explosion on the morning of October 8.

Over a distance of around 250 meters, two of the four carriageways have fallen in various locations. There is a good chance that some vehicles may be able to use the other two carriageways, but there will be a significant reduction in capacity.

The extent of the level crossing’s damage is unknown, according to UK intelligence, but any considerable disruption to its functionality would certainly have a severe impact on Russia’s already compromised ability to keep its troops in southern Ukraine.

“Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is likely to be seriously impacted by this disaster. He opened the bridge. And the day after he turned 70, it was destroyed. His childhood buddy Arkady Rotenberg served as the construction company. Viktor Zolotov, formerly Putin’s bodyguard and currently the commander of the Russian National Guard, has recently given public assurances over the safety of the bridge,” the intelligence service of the UK explained.

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