Putin’s cheerleaders in Europe

Some of the western people still thinking that only Vladimir Putin is responsible for Russian aggression against Ukraine. He makes orders, he makes decisions. And all the population of Russian Federation believed to be some kind of hostages, not allowed to express their real views on situation. Something rather a victims of the regime, than a citizens of a state.

Meanwhile, according to recent survey conducted by Russian FOM (“Fond Obschestvennogo Mnenia”, Public Opinion Fund) 78% of the respondents are supporting the annexation of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions by Russian Federation and only 7% are against that.

Some EU-countries even propose special status for those who try to flee from Russia to avoid so-called partial mobilization declared by Putin recently. But that is a big mistake. They are not victims of the regime. They are not against regime neither against the war. They just care about themselves, no matter what is happening in Georgia, Syria and Ukraine. Their ignorance means support.

And there are clear evidences of this idea. Since the start of the mobilization some 700 thousand of Russians left the country. Now the are safe, away from prisons and FSB punishers. They have free access to information without Russian censorship. They can express their views in any (peaceful and legal) way.

But they do nothing.

We have witnessed zero protests against mobilization and Kremlin’s regime in Europe. No support for Ukrainian rallies.

Even worse. There are several examples, that Russians trying to intimidate Ukrainian refugees in Europe. For example, on October 10, just after the barbaric missile strikes on Ukraine, killed 11 and wounded at least 87 civilians, Russian women filmed a video in which she asked Putin to hit Dresden in Germany (where at that time was a Ukrainian rally). “There was not enough today”, she claimed in her TikTok. Later she has deleted the video, but it becomes viral. Some of the media outlets shared it.

And now it is time for her to pay for such intimidation. The next day German police in Saxony react on the video. On October 11, they wrote in Twitter: “We have secured the video and are forwarding the matter to the responsible colleagues for verification.”

Even Germans were angry and some of them want to call to police and contacted Ukrainian activist for a translation:

“Could you please, gsent me a copy of video, because it was deleted from TikTok. I want to send it to police and journalists. I write you via translator, because I cant speak Russian or Ukrainian.”

And after that people have identified the person, who made the video. This is Alyona Dirksen (former surname – Sokolova). She was born on January 5th, 1992 in Russian city Taganrog.

Currently she lives in Mitteweida (Germany). She owns a restaurant “Rodina” (“Fatherland”) in Mitteweida together with her mother Nina (website – https://www.tripadvisor.ru/Restaurant_Review-g1586141-d10476088-Reviews-Rodina_Mittweida-Mittweida_Saxony.html  phone number +4937279792106).

Alyona has profile in VKontakte social network (https://vk.com/id23698938), her mother profile in Odnoklassniki (https://ok.ru/profile/118523946397). Previously Alyona has shared several hate speech videos against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

Same with other Putin-cheerleader. She often publish hate speech videos against Ukraine in her TikTok. On October 10th she used video of missile strike on Dnipro to create a “funny song” intimidating Ukraine and celebrating Russian terror. She is Yulia Prokhorova and she is also living in Germany.

These people fully support Putin’s regime, while enjoying all the benefits of living in Europe. They love Russia, but prefer not to live there. Actually they are like Trojan horse inside Europe disrupting, provoking and intimidating everybody around them. They used to enjoy anonymity and unreachability. Probably now is the time for law enforcement to act.

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