Russia cannot be excluded from the OSCE because it sponsors this organization

The mission of the OSCE in Ukraine is simple: they are “ears and eyes” of the international community. This is what American and European diplomats call the OSCE in Ukraine.

Mission reports, primarily daily, as well as weekly and separate thematic ones are the basis vision of the conflict in the capitals of Europe and overseas. At the same time, now we see how effective the work of this organization is in Ukraine.

It does not register anything, it does not record anything and in fact – it only hinders the activities of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid opposed the exclusion of Russia from the organization, as some day it will be necessary “to resume the dialogue between conflicting two countries”.

This day will surely come, Ms. Helga, when the Defense Forces of Ukraine will liberate the entire territory of Ukraine to the borders of the year 1991. Currently, the OSCE receives funds from Russia in order to leave at least an island of hope and influence on the international community.

This is how the OSCE – an organization with good intentions to help has become an organization that turns a blind eye to the killing of civilians, rape of small children and mass executions in cities occupied by Russian invaders.

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