Russia is trying to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Mexico

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, gave an interview to EL UNIVERSAL regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and warned Mexico about the presence in the Mexican information domain of Russian agency RT, famous for its high-quality and daring disinformation campaigns around the world.

Thus, Kuleba hinted that the Russians tend to interfere in the elections of democratic countries, using information and cyber campaigns, to strengthen their influence in different regions of the world.

The presidential elections in Mexico are scheduled for June 2 2024. Kuleba also noted that the Russians are constantly lying, justifying their aggression, and asked Mexico to put itself in Ukraine’s shoes and think about what it would do if someone tried to occupy “even one square kilometer” of Mexican territory, and assured that the only reason why Ukraine wants to join NATO, it is to “protect people” from the aggressive policy of the Russian Federation.

The Russians did not take long to respond. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Mexico, Mykola Sofinsky, immediately accused NATO and Ukraine of starting the largest military conflict since the Second World War, avoiding the question that, for some reason, the USSR, which signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler, played the main role in the outbreak of the Second World War with Germany and the secret protocol to it, opened the way for Adolf Hitler to divide and conquer Poland together with Stalin.

Sofinskyi continued to accuse Ukrainians of Russophobia and neo-Nazism, manipulating the facts and purposefully spreading disinformation, mentioning, for example, the national hero of Ukraine Stepan Bandera, calling him an accomplice of Hitler. Although, in fact, Bandera has a lot in common with the prototype of the father of Mexican independence, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

These two prominent figures in the history of their countries distinguished themselves by calling on their peoples to revolt against colonial oppression, only Hidalgo y Costilla rebelled against the Spanish oppression of Mexico, and Bandera against the Soviet (later against the German) occupation of Ukraine. Both heroes had a common desire to liberate their peoples from the foreign rule and create sovereign states.

That is why they both Mexican and Ukrainian national heroes used insurgent tactics and became symbols of national identity and the struggle for freedom. Their actions and ideals continue to inspire folks in their countries and around the world.

Also, Mykola Sofinsky called the Revolution of dignity  (large-scale protests of Ukrainians that began in November 2013 against the corrupt government of the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych) a coup d’état organized by NATO member countries, ignoring the fact that the leader of the separatist movements in Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, Ihor Strelkov-Ghirkin hade become a colonel of the FSB of the Russian Federation and was a key figure in terms of Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine in 2014.

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