Russia wants to sow chaos in the UK by activating spy network

Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian intelligence services to step up recruitment of spies in the UK. This was reported by The Sun, citing published documents.

The tabloid’s journalists claim to have received emails from sources close to the Kremlin. They are betting on recruitment of agents who will be offered large sums of cash for sabotage.

That would be one aim – just getting people out on the streets making a noise. Recruiting people in those groups would be a blend of money and ideology

Former British intelligence officers said that Moscow’s main goal would be chaos in the UK. Therefore, Russia will do everything possible to “get access to people and turn agents in useful places.” Former Russian spy Boris Karpichkov has previously stated that at least 4 Russian agents are currently working in Westminster.

The British government urged MPs and their aides to remain vigilant in their relations with the Kremlin over the war in Ukraine. In the emails obtained by the journalists, a Russian source in the Kremlin suggests that Russia is intensifying its work with undercover spies.

“The direction is to intensify undercover work with secret informants in all spheres of society in Britain, mainly among civil servants and politicians of all ranks – including those who sit in Parliament and members of the Lords,” the letter reads.

At the same time, the emphasis, according to the publication, will be on finding scumbags who are willing to make sacrifices and agree to participate in sabotage. The insider also writes in the letters that potential agents can be found by increasing surveillance of the diplomatic staff of the Russian embassy.

Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon said she had no doubt that Russians would try to infiltrate the UK and warned that it would be because of the war in Ukraine. To recruit, Russia will look for sympathizers of its policies and offer them huge amounts of cash.

“They will very much focus on the UK… in order to have insight into what’s going on at the heart of government, our attitude towards the Ukraine war, our relations with the Ukrainians,” said former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove.

Recall, on February 2, Austria expelled 4 Russian diplomats on suspicion of espionage. They had to leave the country by February 8.

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