Russian aircraft with nuclear weapons violated Swedish airspace

Two Russian warplanes that violated Swedish airspace near Gotland on March 2 were equipped with nuclear weapons.

This was reported by the Swedish TV channel TV4.

According to the TV channel, the violation was a deliberate act to intimidate Sweden.
On March 2, a group of warplanes took off from a Russian airbase in Kaliningrad. Four aircraft – two Su-24 attack aircraft accompanied by two Su-27 fighters. Two attack aircraft, according to TV4 Nyheter sources, were equipped with nuclear weapons.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the Swedish Air Force increased its readiness and noticed in advance that Russian pilots were heading to Gotland.

Violation of Swedish airspace lasted for about a minute. In response, the country’s air force took off two JAS 39 Gripen fighters. Then, according to Swedish media, it was confirmed that Russian aircraft were equipped with nuclear warheads.
The Swedish Armed Forces did not comment on whether the two attack aircraft were equipped with nuclear weapons, but said the violation was intentional.

“We see this as a conscious action. It is very serious, especially because they are a warring country,” said Air Force Commander Karl-Johan Edström.

Russia threatens the consequences of Sweden, as well as Finland in the event of joining NATO.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, believes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has radically changed the security situation in Europe, so that NATO membership is now quite acceptable to Sweden.

Source: Swedish TV4 channel

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