Russian propaganda about Ukraine on American TV

After the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, the events in Ukraine became one of the main topics of the talk show of Tucker Carlson, who is known for his pro-Russian position.

For 10 months, the presenter actively spread narratives identical to Russian ones among the European and American population, about: “the presence of biolaboratories in Ukraine”, “sanctions that harm the economy of the West more than Russia”, “the need for peace negotiations with Russia on the terms of the aggressor country”, “escalation of the conflict by the West for the purpose of enrichment” and “Zelensky’s ban on an entire denomination”.


“We also received a number of documents from the Ukrainian authorities. These documents list 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine that received funding from the US Department of Defense. According to these Ukrainian documents, these facilities used the funding for research, collection and storage of samples.”


“If Ukraine wants to preserve its sovereignty, as we all want for Ukraine, it must seek a settlement through negotiations with Russia [… these [events are devastating, they destroy not only Ukraine, but also the entire Western economy. The longer this conflict continues, the poorer everyone will become. Perhaps, except for Vladimir Putin.”


“President Zelensky sits at the top of money laundering so brazenly that the Democrats will not allow him to be checked. They want the war to continue because it makes them rich.”

“Last week, Zelenskyi announced about

plans to ban an entire religious denomination – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Now Christians are threatened with personal punitive measures for wrong rites”.

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