Russian terror on Ukraine power supply: new massive missile attack

Russian terror on Ukraine power supply has continued with a new wave of massive missile attack. On November 23, Russian terror troops fired at Ukraine 67 cruise missiles, 51 of which were shot down by the Ukrainian anti-air defence systems. 

  • 16 crucial infrastructure facilities were hit.
  • Missile attack caused power outages in parts of the country and in neighboring Moldova. 
  • 6 civilians killed, 36 injured. 
  • All 4 nuclear power plants (NPP) in Ukraine are temporarily de-energized. 3 Ukrainian nuclear plants now rely on old diesel generators to cool their reactors.
  • Russian missile strikes cut electricity supply to Rivne, South Ukraine, and Khmelnytskyi NPPs, according to Energoatom. 

According to images taken by a local, fragments of an AIM-120 missile, NASAMS Air Defense system that was transferred to Ukraine by the United States, were found. This means the system was efficiently used in repelling Russian cruise missile strikes in the Kyiv region.

The air defense achieved a result of 76 percent effectiveness. Therefore, the consequences of the Russian massive missile attack could be much worse. 

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said that he had instructed the ambassador to the UN to call for an urgent meeting to the UN Security Council due to today’s missile strikes waged by Russia.

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