Russian war against…medics?

In Ukraine, thousands of war crimes are already committed by the Russian Federation, and by the time you finish reading this, dozens more happen. They are killing innocent people. Destroying civil infrastructure. And that is not made only by airstrikes, rocket attacks, and artillery fire. Russian soldiers are killing innocent people with their guns.
There is the story of Maryna Kalabina, anesthesiologist in the child surgery center. She was moving in her car with her patient, her nephew. The patient needed immediate assistance in the clinic, based in the village Kukharka, Kyiv region. She was doing her duty as a doctor. But the Russian soldiers violently shot at her car with their guns, many times.
Not artillery. Not rockets. They pointed their guns at her car. Pushed the triggers with their fingers. And her life ended. Without any reason. Without any sense. Without any remorse.
Russian officials say that there are no military activities against civilians in Ukraine. But Maryna and her nephew never can answer them. But you still can. And the world still can refute their lies.
And this is only one story of two destroyed lives in Ukraine. There are hundreds more, and the world should act immediately to stop it right now

Світлина від Russia Vs World.
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