Russia’s largest oil refinery on fire for the second time in a month

Photo: URA.RU

At night in the Russian city of Angarsk, Irkutsk region, an explosion broke out at an oil refinery. There were two dead and five injured. This is the second major fire at this refinery in less than three weeks. The Governor of the region Igor Kobzev reported this event in Telegram.

Explosion at the largest oil refinery in Russia

The largest oil refinery in Eastern Siberia (ANHK) burst into flames due to an explosion. According to Sibir. Realii, the blast was so strong that seismographs recorded it.

The fire spread to the factory’s technological installation, and its area was about 2.5 thousand square meters.

Kobzev, referring to the Ministry of Emergencies, said that the preliminary cause of the incident was gas contamination of the technological plant systems. A commission has been established to investigate the circumstances of the fire.

The previous fire occurred at the ANHK on November 27. Rosneft owns the company.

Russia is slowly burning out

ANHK is the leading supplier of fuel in the Irkutsk region, Buryatia and Trans-Baikal Territory. The plant’s capacity is 10.2 million tons of oil annually, producing more than 260 types of products. These are gasoline for cars, diesel fuel, oils, bitumen, fuel for jet engines, sulfuric acid, and more.

Recently, in Russia, there have been large fires at various facilities almost every day. On December 12, in the city of Balashikha, Moscow region, a fire broke out in a shopping center. 

The fire area reached 10 thousand square meters – almost the entire building. On December 9, a hypermarket of building materials burned down in Khimki. The fire covered the whole area of the structure, 18 thousand square meters.

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