Scholz responds to Ukraine’s hopes of moving towards NATO membership in Vilnius

A month and a half before the NATO summit in Vilnius, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the leaders of the Alliance would discuss concrete support for Ukraine during the war.

Scholz during his visit to Tallinn on Friday, quoted by Bild.`

The summit will be “primarily about organising concrete support for Ukraine in this situation,” Scholz said after a meeting with representatives of the Baltic states in response to a question about Kyiv’s desire to receive an official invitation from NATO to the summit in July.

According to him, the main question now is “how we can improve cooperation in the specific situation of the Russian attack on Ukraine, and how we can make it clear that we will provide this support for as long as it is necessary”.

Chancellor emphasized that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine is a necessary condition for achieving a just peace. He also expressed his disapproval of the current front line becoming the new “border” between Russia and Ukraine, as it would only legitimize Putin’s actions.

Scholz also confirmed his previous position that Russia should withdraw its troops, and any decisions regarding the agreements should be made by Ukraine.

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