Stoltenberg: arms supplies to Ukraine should be obligatory for NATO members

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated his desire to transform Ukraine’s arms supplies from voluntary contributions to obligations of NATO member states.

Stoltenberg said this during a press conference before the upcoming meeting of defense ministers of NATO countries.

According to Stoltenberg, such a decision will help make the supply of weapons to Ukraine more reliable.

He noted that voluntary contributions “made a huge difference”, however, he pointed out that not all countries supplied Ukraine with the necessary weapons, and also recalled that the USA approved the necessary funding for Kyiv for half a year.

“If we turn it from a voluntary supply to a commitment to NATO, then of course the supplies will become more extensive and reliable. The difference is that then we will use the command structure and joint financing of NATO,” Stoltenberg said.

He added that the longer the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine continues, the more important predictability, accountability and fair distribution of costs are for NATO.

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