The Faces of War Crimes: Those Who Responsible for Destroying Lives

Russian Design Bureau Raduga Staff

Every war crime has a first and last name.  Behind every destroyed house or murdered child, there are specific people who were just doing their job.  They developed a rocket, assembled the rocket, brought it to the launch site, hung it up, launched it.  So that later this rocket could hit a residential building, demolish two entrances and kill four dozen people.

Previously, these names and surnames remained a secret.  Now there are bad news for these people: it is impossible.  Modern means of reconnaissance – both the usual undercover and open source reconnaissance – allows you to “remember by name those who raised their hands.”

Then it’s just a matter of bringing them to justice, one way or another.  When people who have lost loved ones take up for you, it will no longer be possible to say “I have nothing to do with it!”  and “it’s just a job.”  Because their job will be your elimination and the destruction of everything that is dear to you.

Meet Bereznyak State Design Bureau Raduga and its staff.  People who previously made, and are now restoring Russian cruise missiles.  For example, X-22 missiles – like the one that hit a residential building in the Dnipro.

All these people are now working tirelessly.  In order to continue missile terror against Ukraine under the sanctions, the Russian leadership needs to bring to life as many old Soviet missiles as possible.  And it doesn’t matter that the same X-22, which was created to destroy aircraft carrier groups, in the pre-nuclear version has a monstrous circular deviation and it is simply impossible to aim it more accurately in an urban area.  The Russian leadership does not need to be more precise.

These people know what they are doing.  But many of them believe that this will not affect their lives in any way.  This is a mistake.  And probably the most expensive in their lives.

Of course, among the employees of the enterprise, there are also people who understand how such work will end – otherwise, this data would have come to us in a much more limited form.  Alas, not all of their colleagues yet understand that the situation has reached a level where it will not be possible to sit out for “I’m just a  performer”, and the case will not end with just sanctions and a ban on entry into the United States and the Schengen zone, but can get much more personal.

It remains to recommend that the slow-witted take a vacation or sick leave before a clear and convincing explanation follows.  Sabotage the work by any means. Do not aggravate the current situation.


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