The fight against “Putin’s regime” must include a religious front”

At the international conference, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople delivered a speech against the Russian Orthodox Church, declaring the “Russian world” a heresy.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, in his speech at the opening of the International Conference “World Policy Conference – For a Reasonably Open World,” condemn the Russian church. Putin’s regime used the Russian Orthodox church is used as a weapon of propaganda in the war.

“The Russian Orthodox Church is actively involved in promoting the ideology of the “Russian World|,” according to which language and religion make it possible to define a single whole, embracing Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as other territories of the former Soviet Union and the diaspora. Moscow (both political and religious power) will become the center of this world, whose mission will be to fight the decadent values of the West. This ideology is a tool for legitimizing Russian expansionism and the basis of its Eurasian strategy. Thus, faith becomes the basis of the ideology of the Putin regime.”

Patriarch Bartholomew urged the Western intellectual elite to realize that the fight against “Putin’s regime” must include a religious front.”

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