Two Russian spies arrested in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

he Slovenian intelligence agency SOVA (pictured) . Photo:/STA
he Slovenian intelligence agency SOVA (pictured) . Photo:/STA

The Slovenian intelligence and security agency, SOVA, has dealt a devastating blow to the dangerous Russian intelligence operation in Slovenia. The agency has successfully arrested and detained two individuals who were working as spies for Russia, posing as South American businessmen, dealing in real estate and antique art.

The Ljubljana District Prosecution, in collaboration with the National Bureau of Investigation, has opened an investigation into the suspects on suspicion of espionage and certification of false official documents. Unofficially, the suspects are linked to the Russian military intelligence agency, GRU.

If found guilty, these spies face a total of up to eight years in prison. The police confirm that the suspects were working in Slovenia under false identities and fake documents, conducting covert intelligence activities for the benefit of a foreign intelligence service.

SOVA, along with the prosecution, cannot comment on the sensitive information in the case. However, SOVA is committed to keeping officials informed about the intelligence activities of foreign subjects and works closely with Slovenian security bodies, EU, and NATO services.

According to media reports, the suspects are a couple with two young children who were operating from a rented office in Ljubljana and posing as Argentinian citizens. The front company that they used was allegedly involved in real estate and antiques.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by Russia and its intelligence operations.

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