US technology in the Russian Armed Forces

The US Senate discussed how the Russian military continued using US technology in weapons despite sanctions, citing data showing the use of 211 American-made semiconductors and chips in Russian missiles and equipment.

Richard Blumenthal, The Democratic Senator from the state of Connecticut, stated the following: “US manufacturers are fueling and supporting the growing and gargantuan Russian war machine. They are used in missiles, drones, munitions, and other weapons of war. The Russians are relying on American technology.”

This year, Blumenthal visited Ukraine, where he was given data documenting the use of 211 US-made semiconductors, chips, and other technologies in Russian missiles and other military equipment. According to the senator, four leading American technology companies, namely AMD, Analog Devices (ADI), Intel, and Texas Instruments, are responsible for producing 87 of these components.

At the same time, the companies Analog Devices, Intel, and Texas Instruments asserted that they had stopped supplying products to Russia after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and are sticking to export restrictions. Nevertheless, the situation shows that these manufacturers do not take any measure to prevent Russia from obtaining the needed dual-use goods for its military-industrial complex. That is why prominent Western politicians should continue their pressure on the biggest technology companies to undermine the capabilities of Moscow to produce missiles for killing innocent Ukrainian children.

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