Yet one more “good Russian” revealed himself as a perfect cheat

This is the story of Pavel Filatyev. An alleged murderer who tried to stole 300 000$ from Ukrainian victims of war and genocide, yet is still celebrated by “open-minded” people in the West.

In the 2000s, he participated in Russia’s genocidal war in Chechnya, and in 2021 he joined the Russian paratroopers again. In 2022 he was stationed in Crimea and took part in the first two months of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

He most probably killed Ukrainians, having been among the few Russia air-born troops to survive this long. He admitted to war crimes like looting people’s homes. Other war crimes can’t be proven 100%, but there’re accounts of him terrorizing Kherson civilians with his buddies.

After getting wounded and spending some time in Russia, he eventually decided to escape. France granted this man asylum.

He openly supported Russia’s war in Ukraine from 2014 until around April to May 2022. In reality, he never really changed his mind.

According to the first journalist to speak to Filatyev, he had always been loyal to Russia until the dire conditions in the army changed his mind. No, not all the atrocities he witnessed; it was the bad conditions and the fact that his government lied about them.

Now for the “best” part of the story: Filatyev was going to get 300 000€ for his memoirs to be published as a book, “ZOV,” and he promised to give all that money back to Ukrainians. But as expected from a “Good Russian”(TM), he decided to sue NGO, which helped him and took the money for himself.

Pavel Filatyev’s lawsuit claims that he was forced to transfer the book rights to and the New Dissidents Foundation, the head of both organizations, Vladimir Osechkin, informs. So these platforms, & NDF, either deliberately or by error, helped to promote yet another “good Russian with a human face” and whitewashed an alleged Russian war criminal.

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