George Galloway: TV star of Russian propaganda and a favorite of dictators

While Russia continues its terrorist activities in Ukraine, Russian propaganda and its agents in Europe work tirelessly. Today we will introduce you to George Galloway – a British reality TV star and Russian propagandist. He is affiliated with Russian state-media and oddly enough – expresses commitment to various authoritarian regimes around the globe. But like every agent he doesn’t like it when he’s connected to Russia-state affiliated medias.

Supporting dictators

George has been a fanboy of several totalitarian leaders since the 90’s. In 1994, during his unauthorized trip to Iraq, he met with Saddam Hussein and ended up his speech with a famous statement: “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.”

After Saddam’s demise, Galloway defended Iraqi suicide bombers who targeted Western forces, calling them “martyrs”. His political views are on the left & in 2002 interview he said that the collapse of the USSR was “the biggest catastrophe of my life”. He’s also stated that “I am a Socialist who doesn’t like Capitalism and who likes Imperialism less. I am a revolutionary and I support the armed struggle where there is no alternative.”

Galloway’s love of money and luxury

For being a socialist, Georgie sure loves money and luxury. While working for Press TV, Al-Mayadeen & RT, he had spent 70 000£ in flights and hotels. Galloway was also a founder of the Mariam Appeal, a political campaign that provided medical assistance to the people of Iraq. Galloway faced several investigations related to the campaign, for example using the donation money for his personal travel expenses.

The campaign raised significant funds but was never registered as a charity organization. A 2017 claim stated that George’s then-wife Abu-Zayyad had received 84 000£ in salary and expenses without a contract of employment.

The Yorkhill NHS Trust received 54 000£ which was allegedly supposed to be spent on the leukemia treatment for Mariam Hamza. Galloway and his then-wife, torganization’s trusteesanization, claimed 3000£ in travel expenses.

Agent’s career

Galloway has worked for several state-affiliated media, including the Iran-state controlled Press TV, the Al Mayadeen TV station that’s connected to both Iran and Assad’s Syria, and of course the Kremlin-controlled RT. He’s shown support for Putin, al-Assad, and Hussein.

In 2014 Galloway had earned at least 293 450£ from his TV appearances, and between 2013 and 2015 George was paid 100 000£ for his appearances on RT – the highest salary to any British politician working for this Russia-affiliated media.

He presented his “The Mother of All Talk Shows” on RT UK, until it was shut down following the Russia’s genocidal invasion of Ukraine in Feb, 2022. 

Russian war in Ukraine

George is strongly in the “NATO started the war in Ukraine” corner, and basically blames the US for the whole conflict. This view lines him up with the Grayzone bloggers, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, and they’re organizing a “NO2NATONO2WAR” event in London in Feb, 2023. 

On the 14th of Feb, 2022, he tweeted that Russia is not about to invade Ukraine, and ridiculed people who claimed this.

He’s shared the idea that the Zelenskyy “government has given weapons to criminals who are robbing and raping”. In his latest talk show, he interviewed pro-Russian blogger Max Blumenthal, a “political analyst” and a propagandist Garland Nixon, and propagandist Gonzalo Lira.

In the end Galloway has threatened to sue Twitter after the social network labelled his account “Russian state-affiliated media”.

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