Growing numbers in Germany are expressing support for sending military assistance to Ukraine

The recent results of the survey show that Germany’s population is increasingly in favor of more military support for Ukraine. According to the ZDF channel, 42% are in favor of increasing military aid from the West. In February, this figure was 33%.

To illustrate, 31% of Germans want the current level of support to remain unchanged, while 22% are in favor of reducing it. The only thing that the residents of Germany are skeptical about is that Ukraine will be able to achieve some military victory over Russia.

The survey also indicates that 55% are in favor of Ukraine joining NATO after the end of the war, and 36% are against it.

As is known, most politicians take into consideration the opinions of voters when implementing their policies. The practical steps of the German government are anticipated to reflect a thorough consideration of current public sentiment trends. Especially in the matter of approving Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

Meanwhile, the ratings of the German far-right are falling on the eve of the European elections.

If European elections were held this weekend, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) would receive 16% of the vote, according to a Forschungsgruppe Wahlen poll for public broadcaster ZDF, the results of which were published on Friday.

This is well below the 23% the AfD had in an Insa poll for Bild newspaper last July. This is further evidence that the recent scandals surrounding the “remigration” policy and alleged ties to Russia have damaged the party.

Scholz’s Social Democrats (SPD) also won 16%, while the Greens (GRÜNE) got 15%. The Free Democrats (FDP), Scholz’s third and smallest coalition partner, received just 3% support.

 CDU/CSU, the main opposition party, leads with 30%.

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