There is a certain native of Kharkiv, an emigrant with Jewish roots and (it is highly possible) Russian proxy Lev Golinkin, who has been building the image of Ukraine as a neo-Nazi state in well-known Western media for years.

This is the man, who works precisely. The concept of the narrative is known: the war is bad, the Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation, but “not everything is so clear-cut”, and “two sides are to blame” for the crimes in Donbas. For example, this is from a post in April 2022, after Ukraine retook the town of Bucha.

To see the extent of his focus on the “far-right nation” in Ukraine, you can look at this publication:

Moreover, you can read his other “stories” about Ukraine by clicking on the author tag.

He criticizes the Azov Assault Brigade and Redis (the commander of the brigade) and regards them as neo-Nazis. These are some of his comments after the defense of Azovstal. He responds to the question “what about Nazism in Russia?” by saying “Yes, Nazism exists in Russia, but the USA is not arming Russian Nazis.” He makes such statements despite the fact that the Azov Assault Brigade does not obtain Western weapons precisely because of such people as Lev Golinkin.

And here is his last attack at the whole civilized world. In 2022, the book “Enemy Archives” about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army by Canadian professor Lubomyr Luciuk and historian Volodymyr Viatrovych was published in English. This is a very important сollection of NKVD documents with comments>

This is an archive that was very difficult for the Ukrainian diaspora to get from the Russian Federation in the 1990s, and it was digitized by historians. These are documents about the NKVD Great Purge of the Ukrainian resistance movement in the 1940s and 1960s. In particular, it shows the methods, which were used to compromise the movement. This is an important source for Western scholars.

And since Ukraine generally lacks state communication of such issues, and the lion’s share of historians are in the Armed Forces of Ukraine right now, such works are worth their weight in gold for the country at such a time. That is why the American Library Association (ALA) recognized this book as one of the best in 2023:

And here Golinkin has appeared immediately with an article in The Nation “Why does the American Library Association whitewash the history of Ukrainian Nazis?”. The photo is not of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, but of the Galicia Division (against which the Ukrainian Insurgent Army fought). The Russian embassy was very happy.>

After that, the Historical Materials Committee of the American Library Association removed the book from the list of the best for the past year and apologized for this. That is, in fact, they played along with this scoundrel and agreed that archives and documents on the topic were “whitewashing”.

Lev Golinkin should be ostracized by the world community. Moreover, he should not have any chance to publish articles in the international media, which transforms into censorship of the Western academy and the death of Ukrainians due to the delay in helping Ukraine.

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