Latvia to ban agricultural imports from Russia

Latvian Parliament has approved the amendments to the law “On Rural Development and Agriculture”, which prohibit the import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus.

The law prohibits the admission or import of agricultural and fodder crops into Latvia from Russia and Belarus, even if the products of these countries are re-imported from other third countries.

The law will come into effect after its promulgation by the President of Latvia, until July 1, 2025, after which it can be extended.

Latvia, as a country bordering with Russia, seeks to break economic ties with the aggressor-state country as soon as possible to protect its security. This initiative of Latvia is an additional element of the sanctions regime of the European Union.

This piece of legislation is designed to prevent Russian and Belarusan state-owned and private enterprises from receiving additional income from the export of their produce to Latvia, thereby contributing to the possibility of the continuation of Russia’s unprovoked and aggressive war against Ukraine.

The ban will apply to the release of products into free circulation, with the exception of delivering products to a recipient in another EU member state exempt from added value tax.

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