Neo-Nazi Organizers Lead Anti-American Protest in Ramstein

An extremely right-wing demo took place in Ramstein yesterday under the hashtag #Ram2602. The main focus of the demonstration was anti-Americanism, which is linked with anti-Semitism and serves as a unifying force among neo-Nazis, Reich citizens, and so-called lateral thinkers. Thanks to @KaiSchwerdt who gave a brief look on the rally.


The NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) was well-represented, with the Hessian delegation, including Daniel Lachmann and Stefan Jagsch, carrying two banners. One read “The Homeland”, the new “movement name” of the NPD, while the other banner “Deutsche Stimme” – their propaganda organ.

Lennart Schwarzbach, chairman of NPD Hamburg, was present, as were Riccarda Walter and Markus Walter. Karl Richter, a former member of NPD Bavaria, was seen talking with Sayn-Wittgenstein, Schwarzbach, and Jagsch.

The Neo-Nazi Sascha Wagner was very active. He probably used the demonstration for networking. Sascha Wagner was also employed as a marshal. Additionally, “no AFD” right-wingers were also wearing the marshal’s armbands, with no separation between the two groups.

The “National Resistance Zweibrücken” comrades were well-represented, clearly visible as neo-Nazis. There were also people with antisemitic images on their clothing. 

Of course, the conspiracy believers from Mainz could not be missing either. Jörg Heuser, direct candidate for the Basis Mainz in the last federal election, and Jörg Schmeer, the organizer of the “sign run,” were both there. Heuser was seen waving directly next to NPD Chairman Schwarzbach.

Heinrich Magatsch, known as “Schilderheinz”, was present from Wittlich.

Tim Immetsberger from the AFD #BadDürkheim was very busy with his propaganda videos. Otherwise he spent his time in #Ramstein with Christian Weiland, ex-NBD and now AFD #Birkenfeld. Weiland has a security company with which he works primarily for AFD

There were also a wide variety of Reich citizen groups on site, including those from Pirmasens from the B10 “protests”.

The demo in Ramstein, which began around 2 p.m., was led by neo-Nazi organizers including Poggenburg, Christian Klar, Frank Haußner and Markus Beisicht.


The right-wing protest was framed by many anti-American messages. There are a lot of people who don’t like the US, but this isn’t a criticism; it’s the idea that everything is controlled by the US and therefore extremely anti-Semitic.

However, there were two courageous people who represented different perspectives.  

Since this topic is far too long, It’s time to finish it. There were still plenty of symbols. Maybe something else will come soon.

Thanks for reading.

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