Russia conducts the information operation to glorify draft dodgers from Ukraine, Ukrainian Military Intelligence

The Russians launched an information operation against Ukraine to glorify the men who dodge the draft into the Ukrainian Army in order to split Ukrainian society and disrupt mobilization process.

This is reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Recently, multiple videos have appeared on TikTok and other social networks, on which allegedly Ukrainian men shoot videos abroad on vacation and call themselves “draft dodgers”. Such content quickly gains views, causing numerous discussions in the comment sections, which only push them up within Tik Tok trends.

To amplify the message, for such content, so-called folk songs were created, the lyrics of which promote one message- the praise of draft dodgers.

Ukrainian Military Intelligence emphasizes that the synchronicity of the appearance of numerous songs and videos glorifying men who refuse to defend their own country, the anonymity of their authors, and the promotion of this content by organized groups of bots, which, considered in complex, indicates a purposeful hostile propaganda campaign.

“Indicated IPSO (ed. – information-psychological operation) is a classic technology for dividing society, when, on the one hand there are “defenders” and there are draft dodgers on the other. The purpose of such actions of the enemy is to disrupt mobilization, increase the tension in society due to internal confrontation. Kremlin propaganda does give up the attempts to undermine Ukrainian society from the inside, to discredit the image of the defenders of Ukraine, using any methods to this end,” Ukrainian intelligence explains.

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