International military aid for Ukraine helps to match Russian war spending – SIRPI

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published a new research on global military spending on Monday, 22 of April. This research shows several important things. One of them – the importance of recently adopted American military aid for Ukraine. According to SIPRI American aid could help to narrow spending gap with Russia. In 2023 Kremlin increased funding for it’s aggression by 24% to $109 billion, and it’s around 16% of all government budget spending. This is also a 57% rise comparing to 2014.

This is in stark contrast to the Ukrainian figures. In 2023 Kyiv spend on defense $64.8 billion, with almost the same 58% of total government spending, but in absolute numbers it’s almost two times less comparing to Moscow. The only reason which helps Ukraine to fight back against aggressor – international aid, mostly from Europe and the United States. In 2023 Ukraine received at least $35 billion in military aid, including $25.4 billion from the USA. Combined, this aid and Ukraine’s own military spending were equivalent to about 91% of Russian spending.

That’s why $60 billion military aid bill recently approved by US House is so vital for Ukraine to close spending gap with Russia. This is especially true when the Kremlin shows no desire to stop or reduce these expenditures. Moreover, even the existence of a large number of internal problems (such as the flooding that is happening right now in several major Russian cities or problems with heating systems in winter) does not stop the Kremlin regime from increasing spending on its army.

However, despite the substantial amount of aid, the United States alone is not enough, so the European Union should also boost its defence industry and provide Ukraine with more weapons and ammunition. Now, the whole of Europe is facing a decisive moment, and the decisions of European politicians will determine whether Ukraine will be able to stop Russian aggression and win. And this will determine whether a major war will come to other European countries.

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