Russia relies on China’s strategy.

China’s stance on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict differs from Western nations. It is oftenly seen as leaning towards Russia. While China calls for Russia’s involvement in resolving the “Ukrainian crisis,” it also aims to potentially create divisions between the U.S. and the EU, aligning with Moscow’s interests.

China believes in its inevitable rise due to historical trends, despite currently lagging behind the U.S. in military and technology sectors. The U.S. leads in areas like AI, software, and aerospace, with tech giants like Apple and Google. Yet, China aims to be a global tech hub by 2030, increasing its tech funding by 10% this year, totaling 52 billion USD.

Asia, representing 60% of the Global South, houses 85% of the world’s population, making it a significant market. By 2024, Asia’s GDP is expected to account for over half of the global total. This positions China as a contender for global dominance, leading some to argue the U.S. should pivot towards Asia.

However, as Moscow leverages this focus to destroy Ukraine, China might not favor Russia’s future dominance in Europe. If Russia gains hegemony, China could aspire to that role, possibly leading to future tensions between the current allies.

What is important for the western society is to have clear view on a China’s strategy towards them, and Russias actions within it. The war is going whther they want or not, and time to mobilize own resources almost passed. Losing Ukraine in any way will bring more conflicts, death and destruction.

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