Spotify removed profiles of sanctioned Russian propagandist singers 

Spotify cleared out profiles of Russian singers who faced sanctions from the US and the EU for backing up the Russian regime and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine. Among them are Hryhoriy Leps, Shaman, Oleg Gazmanov, Polina Gagarina, Chicherina and “Lyube” band.

Shaman on a concert in support of Putin

In July 2020, Spotify officially launched in Russia, but in April 2022, it ceased operations due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Later, the company closed its office in Russia and ceased legal activities.

Early, Ukraine asked s music streaming service Spotify with a request to remove from its catalogs Russian artists who support the war in Ukraine and Putin’s regime.

Source: Radio Liberty

In case you’re wondering: you can also listen on YouTube the famous song parody of Shaman

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