The disappearance and death of Russell Bentley, Texan crown jewel of Russian Propaganda

The kidnapping and following murder by beheading of propagandist of US origin Russell Bentley in Russian-occupied Donetsk further proves the absence of law and order on piece of land, controlled by the Russian occupiers.

Now that Bentley’s death has been officially confirmed by his employer, editor-in-chief of the propagandist media company Russia Today Margarita Simonyan, we can make an overview of this accident which illustrates that the Kremlin cares for no one, especially traitors.

For the past two weeks we have been following and covering the story of disappearance of Russell Bentley, military correspondent of the Russian propaganda media project Sputnik, a Texan with Russian citizenship, who had the call sign Texas.

According to his wife, he was last seen in Donetsk (temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine) on 8 April 2024.

Few days later, on 13 April 2024, several OSINT-volunteers shared a information in Twitter that Bentley was kidnapped by the Russian military and taken to an unknown direction.

On March 14 2024,OSINT-volunteer VladInfowar stated in his Twitter that Russell Bentley was found beheaded in Donetsk.

Having the evidence from multiple OSINT-sources, we published the article about the finding of Bentley’s corpse. Our readers took this article with a fair degree of skepticism, asking for proofs from official sources. Well, there you have it.

On April 19 2024, Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russian state television channel RT stated that Russell Bentley is dead.

She did not disclose details related to the circumstances of the death of the American in temporarily occupied Donbass. Russell Bentley’s wife Lyudmila reported his disappearance on April 8 and recorded a video appeal to the investigative authorities of the Russian Federation with a request to quickly help find her husband. Bentley went to the scene of the shelling in Donetsk to find out if the wounded needed help, and then stopped communicating.

On April 15, Lyudmila Bentley stated on the Russell Bentley page on the VKontakte social network that she had “solid information” that her husband “was captured and continues to be illegally held by the members of the Russian 5th tank Brigade.” “Russell was detained on April 8, 2024, approximately between 16:20 and 17:00 in the Avtobaza area in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk,” she emphasized.

On the same day, April 15, the Astra Telegram published a post calling Russell Bentley “an American volunteer and journalist,” as well as the fact that he was “taken by people in camouflage and military uniform (ed. – the Russian military). They probably decided that he was a “spy” and brought him to military interrogators,” the channel quoted the opinion of its interlocutor.

Russell Bentley served three years in the US Armed Forces, was stationed in Louisiana and Germany, and in December 2014 decided to go to Donbass. In Donetsk, Bentley married a local woman; he had Russian citizenship.

This story reaffirms the brutal and abhorrent nature of the current Kremlin imperialistic and aggressive policy. Russell Bentley has been a useful idiot, a jewel indeed for Russian propaganda. However, as it happens to any traitor, they get discarded.

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