Why Putin Should Go

Putin is ready to start a nuclear war that will kill millions of Russians while he will hide in a bunker

The President has repeatedly hinted that he is ready to use nuclear weapons. Perhaps he is sure that the West will not answer. But he also believed that he could easily occupy Ukraine.

Putin’s regime makes Russia look like Iran or North Korea.

Because of Putin, the borders of countries are closing for Russians. Life in a closed country is not only about low quality of life, it’s also about an absence of imported medicines, products, modern technology, and services. It is also a dictatorship of power and war for years.

Sooner or later, Russia will have to “live without Putin.” The longer the transition into a new reality takes, the more painful it will be.

The longer Putin is in power, the harder it will be for Russia to mend its relations with the world and bring back economic growth.

Putin has no idea about the future of Russia

He talks about the confrontation with the West, “traditional values”, the promotion of homosexuality, and racism. About anything, but not about how Russia of the future will look like. And Russians at the same time count the last money, bury their dead relatives, and dress the mobilized soldiers for death for their money.

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