Yuriy Borisov, Russian backer of the former impeachead Lithuanian president poses a national security threat – court

The Regional Administrative Court has determined that Yury Borisov, a Russian citizen and supporter of former President Rolandas Paksas — impeached and removed from office in 2004 — poses a threat to Lithuania’s national security.

Consequently, Borisov’s permanent residence permit has been revoked, and he is prohibited from entering Lithuania for five years. Borisov had appealed the decision of the Migration Department in court, but his appeal was dismissed on the lack of merit.

“The court panel made its decision considering the threats Borisov presents to the security of the Lithuanian state,” stated the court.

This ruling is subject to appeal, and Borisov filed an appeal on Friday, which has been forwarded to the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.

Former President Paksas was impeached and ousted from office in 2004 for granting Borisov Lithuanian citizenship in 2003 in exchange for significant financial and other forms of support provided to Paksas.

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