True mothers of mobilized that Putin didn’t meet got banned

As we wrote earlier, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin fabricated a meeting with alleged mothers of Russian soldiers, but in fact, he met fake ‘mothers of mobilized men’.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin falsely presented a meeting with 18 selected women who hold influential positions in the Russian political sphere as an open discussion with the mothers of mobilized servicemen on November 25, two days before Russian Mother’s Day,” the report said.

According to the Institute of the Study of War, Putin used the meeting to promise to improve conditions for the mobilized, to urge Russians not to trust unfavorable media reports about mobilization, and to show solidarity with the families of Russian soldiers.

However, analysts note that the appeals of relatives of Russian soldiers have not been answered.

“A Russian news channel posted a video on November 24 in which a Russian woman claims that the authorities do not meet with her, even though she is looking for her son, a soldier who disappeared in March. The Council of Mothers and Wives reported that unknown individuals began spying on its members after they announced on November 21 that they would hold a roundtable to address problems faced by conscripts.

The Telegram channel “OSVR COUNCIL OF MOTHERS AND WIVES” posted a video message exposing the filthy truth about President Putin.

In response to the video message, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia blocked the VK page “Council of Mothers and Wives,” where mothers of mobilized Russians were sent to Ukraine.

That’s how it works in the Moscow dictatorship – men get mobilized to the army, then sent to an unlawful war abroad, and finally get killed, and their mothers and wives cannot obtain justice and even speak publicly the truth…

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